Kamala Harris Is ‘Ready To Serve’ If Necessary

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Vice President Kamala Harris was asked about President Biden’s mental health and wellbeing. “I am ready to serve — there’s no question about that,” she said last Tuesday while aboard Air Force Two.

The interview came amid growing concerns about Biden’s age, memory and mental ability as he heads into the presidential election this year. Long known for his verbal gaffes, Biden has nonetheless drawn concern as he repeatedly makes mistakes and confuses people, times and places. This month, he mixed up the leaders of Egypt and Mexico, drawing more scorn and concern from friends and foes alike.

For her part, Harris touted her ability to lead, saying that people who see her in action are impressed with her leadership skills. However, she insists that Biden will continue to lead and fulfill his duties in office.

At 81, Biden currently holds the record for the oldest president in American history. If he wins the election this year, he will be 86 by the time he leaves office in 2029. His advanced age has many Americans concerned, including members of his own party.

Harris’ statements also came only days before special counsel Robert Hur’s alarming report was released. The special counsel decided not to charge Biden with criminal charges related to his keeping of classified documents after he left the vice presidency. However, it did present an extremely damaging picture of the president’s mental abilities and memory, causing much consternation among the Democratic Party.

Biden has given Harris a variety of duties as vice president, including putting her in charge of the American border crisis. But many people have been displeased with her handling of the border, among other things, and she currently only sits at a 28% approval rating in some polls.

The vice presidency is an important role, and all VPs need to be prepared to step in to serve as president if the need arises. So, Harris’ comments are not particularly surprising or unusual in an interview like this. But considering the context surrounding Biden this month, voters might need to give extra scrutiny to Harris’ comments and her abilities to lead in the coming years.