James O’Keefe Gets Banned From NYC Gym After Confronting Judge Engoron’s ‘Creep’ Behavior

This time, James O’Keefe did it again, exposing a corrupt judge in a New York City gym, resulting in the journalist being banned from all Equinox gyms on Thursday.

While O’Keefe is used to going after liberals who work for or are close to Democratic politicians. On Wednesday, he went after his prime target head-on, Judge Arthur Engoron, who was caught hitting on younger women at the Equinox gym.

Engoron is known as the judge in the New York City case involving former President Donald Trump. The judge fined him $355 million and prohibited him from running New York City businesses for three years.

The ban occurred due to O’Keefe going undercover Wednesday at Equinox gym in Great Neck, Long Island, to investigate the judge.

After confronting Ergoron, O’Keefe received a call from a woman who worked at the gym on Thursday, telling him that his membership had been canceled.

The journalist posted on X that he was banned from the gym.

When O’Keefe asked the employee if Engoron’s membership would be canceled due to his behavior, she went full Karen, clearly having a political bias.

“That’s not up to your discretion to tell me what other people think. If they have those concerns…,” she replied, refusing to address the judge’s sick behavior.

At one point, she tells O’Keefe that he also broke the gym’s cellphone policy, stating that no one is allowed to use one while in the gym. If that is the case, Engoron should also be banned for breaking company policy.

The sad part is that being a woman, the employee seemed to have no regard for the poor women being creeped on.

Even after the video footage, she denied the allegations, stating that it was O’Keefe’s opinion.

A source at the gym told the journalist that the judge “makes it a point to go up to any young girl possible every single visit.”

“At first they might smile and say hello,” the source said of the women, but “by the end of the conversation they always get creeped out … You always see the change in their face, you always see that they’re visibly upset.”

One such incident was caught on camera. In the video, Engoron could be seen approaching a young woman. As time goes on, the woman appears annoyed, putting her hands up and signaling him to back off.

If hitting on these unfortunate women wasn’t creepy enough, the judge’s choice of workout attire also raises some red flags. He was wearing a muscle shirt and loose-fitting sweatpants that indicated that he was not wearing underwear, showing his intentions.

Engoron is no stranger to criticism. He recently came under fire for posting a half-naked picture of himself in an alumni newsletter he overruns, questioning the appropriateness of such a picture in a school publication.

The Gateway Pundit stated that Engoron had been married three times, possibly a result of his sick perversion.

Hopefully, going forward, someone in the gym will stand up and protect the women from Engoron’s sick advances, but that seems highly unlikely.