Illegal Migrants Say Chicago Winter Is Too Cold

A video of illegal immigrants in Chicago saying they are shocked by how cold winter is in the United States went viral Tuesday on X, formerly Twitter, and received some merciless responses from conservative border hawks using the social media platform.

Popular conservative X account, End Wokeness on X, racked up over 2 million views on a local news clip in which illegal immigrants waiting to be processed by the government in Chicago talk about the weather there as a cold snap of freezing temperatures blanketed much of the nation.

“The cold is too much,” said Gabriel Diaz, a 38-year-old new arrival from Venezuela. Authorities had to move Diaz and dozens of others to a lower level of the Harold Washington Library to protect them from freezing cold temperatures at the combination city/state intake center.

Venezuelan asylum seeker Andres Contreras said he was stunned by Chicago’s bitter cold winter climate, “The truth is that I am not accustomed to this cold. I’ve never seen the snow before. It’s beautiful, but it’s too excessive, the cold you have here.”

One reply with over 4,000 likes said, “Solution: Go back to where you came from,” while another wrote, “Then head back to the equator. Simple.” Meanwhile, one X user pointed out the irony of mainstream news narratives about climate change and immigration, “I thought climate change is the reason they’re here [ … ] So we are told.”

Many Democrats have opposed the policy of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) of sending illegal immigrants on buses to Democrat-led sanctuary cities across the U.S. But as some African immigrants told a reporter, they are not here to seek asylum in Texas, but are hoping to find employment in New York City.

Since Apr. 2022, Gov. Abbott has bussed immigrants to Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver and Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the Texas governor has criticized the Biden administration’s lax immigration policy and occasionally mocked the leaders of sanctuary cities for promising to welcome a massive inflow of illegal immigrants.