Illegal Migrants In NYC Arrested In Phone Theft Ring

Three illegal Venezuelan men were arrested in New York City for stealing cell phones and wallets. They were part of a larger ring in which a total of 62 women across the city were victimized, per New York City Police.

Some might speculate that the migrants simply misplaced the cell phones provided to them by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). However, new phones were not the motive. The true aim of the illegals was Apple Pay and other cash and banking applications on the phones, with which purchases could be made in conjunction with the stolen credit cards.

Perhaps the men ran out of money on their pre-paid visa cards which the city has been issuing.

According to police, a Venezuelan immigrant named Victor Parra is the ringleader. He has been using migrants to execute various crimes and illegal schemes via social media. It is likely Parra blasted out a message that he was looking for phones, which set the hordes of migrants in motion to perpetrate the thefts.

Parra uses a “tech guy” to hack the phones and gain access to the cash and banking applications. The phones are sent to Columbia where they are wiped clean. He is still at large and wanted by New York police.

Parra’s minions in the scheme can make $300-600 per phone — which would quickly exceed the $1000 per month on the city’s pre-paid visas.

The thefts have occurred on streets and subways in the Big Apple. Video evidence shows that these were not all subtle pickpocket crimes — the illegals were filmed using mopeds and dragging women to the ground to obtain their phones. It is believed that victims were predominantly women walking alone because they were easy targets.

The use of mopeds reflects another crime wave in New York City. Mopeds and scooters have been the targets of thefts by illegals — who then use them to commit more crimes. Migrants ride in gangs of unlicensed mopeds and scooters, according to New York police.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said at a news briefing: “It doesn’t matter if a person is a migrant, asylum or if the person is a long-term New Yorker. You break the law, it’ll be investigated, and it will be handled by our criminal justice system.”

There is no word yet on whether that means the arrested suspects will be released without bail, as were four suspects who violently assaulted two police officers last week. There is also no indication that Mayor Adams will address the problem by increasing the monthly amount of the pre-paid cards.