Hunter Biden Cell Phone Has Drug Pictures

A cell phone belonging to President Biden’s son Hunter contains significant incriminating evidence related to his federal gun charges. This includes pictures of drugs, drug paraphernalia, and text messages related to drug use and purchases. The Justice Department released evidence related to the case this week.

This is significant because Hunter Biden stated on a federal gun purchase form on October 12, 2018 that he was not using illicit drugs. However, his text messages from October 13 and 14 speak of purchasing and using crack cocaine. In text messages from April and May 2018 — months before the firearm purchase — he spoke of how much he paid for cocaine, and of the use of baby powder as a cocaine cutting agent.

Additionally, a text from Hunter Biden’s girlfriend on October 23 spoke of disposing of the firearm in question.

Two of the federal gun charges are that Biden made false statements on the Federal gun form and that he unlawfully possessed a firearm while under the influence of illicit drugs.

In mid-January, prosecutors found cocaine residue on a holster belonging to Hunter Biden. This evidence was used to rebuff efforts from by President’s son to have the case dismissed.

Hunter Biden’s cocaine addiction dates back to at least 2014, when it was the reason for his discharge from the Navy.

Biden has pleaded not guilty to all charges and claims the case against him is “politically motivated”. Some might agree, on the grounds that everyone these days plays with guns when high on cocaine.

The infamous censored tagline of the 2020 election was “Hunter Biden Laptop.” The social media platform Twitter tampered with that election by suspending the New York Post’s account. The news outlet’s offense was breaking the story that emails on the younger Biden’s computer contained incriminating information on his financial ties to a Chinese energy company and a Ukrainian gas company.

Though all major networks dismissed the story as “Russian Misinformation” — with some even claiming the laptop itself did not exist — the story has since been confirmed.

Later, many highly inappropriate photos were found on the laptop, including nude images of Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother Beau Biden.

In 2024, Twitter is now called X. It is owned by free speech advocate Elon Musk, and it is doubtful the phrase “Hunter Biden Cellphone” will trigger any account suspensions.

President Joe Biden filched stacks of classified documents — but was not charged because he was “too old.” Perhaps his son Hunter will ultimately be deemed “too high” to face gun charges.