Howard Dean Defends Biden, Points To ‘Good Team’ Running The Country

On NPR’s “Morning Edition” broadcast Monday, former Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean expressed confidence in President Joe Biden’s ability to serve another term. Dean compared Biden’s current state to that of former President Ronald Reagan during his final years in office, asserting that Biden is in better shape and has a competent team supporting him.

“Biden’s done a terrific job running the country for the last four years,” Dean stated. He emphasized that Biden’s team has been instrumental in the administration’s success, drawing a parallel to Reagan’s effective team. “Joe Biden has a very good team around him who knows what they’re doing. They’ve done a great job running the country,” he said.

Dean highlighted several accomplishments of the Biden administration, including significant job creation and efforts to address foreign policy issues inherited from the previous administration. “They’ve created jobs in an unprecedented way, tried to redo the disaster that Trump has been on foreign policy,” he noted.

Addressing concerns about Biden’s ability to serve another four years, Dean was optimistic. “I don’t think Biden’s in any worse shape than Reagan was his last couple of years. In fact, I think he’s in quite a bit better shape,” he remarked. He also pointed out that Biden’s team would remain intact, ensuring continuity and stability in governance.

Co-host Michel Martin asked whether voters could trust Biden to handle another term. Dean responded affirmatively, praising Biden’s intelligence and leadership. “I think Biden is smart. I think he said it himself in North Carolina — he’s not as quick as he used to be, but he can still run the country a whole lot better than a convicted felon,” he said.

Dean also addressed the prospect of Biden participating in future debates, expressing uncertainty about the necessity of such engagements. However, he remained firm in his belief that Biden’s record and capable team position him well for continued leadership.