Harris Applauds For Spanish Song Criticizing Her Visit

Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday stumbled hard in Puerto Rico when she unwittingly clapped along with a song being sung in Spanish. The Democrat apparently thought it was performed to honor her visit to San Juan by the islanders.

It was not. Instead, it was sung in protest of the U.S. VP’s presence in the capital city. But Harris continued to clap until an aide sheepishly told her that she was the object of derision, not celebration.

Is it any wonder that frustrated Democrats see Joe Biden as the lesser of two evils occupying the White House?

The video that quickly went viral showed protesters banging on a drum and singing to Harris outside of a community center. The Democrat smiled broadly and clapped along with the song.

That is, until the facility’s executive director, Mariana Reyes, apparently whispered in her ear the meaning of the lyrics belted out by the demonstrators.

Harris immediately ceased clapping and her demeanor abruptly changed. According to the New York Post, the song asked, “We want to know, Kamala, what did you come here for? We want to know.”

The protesting singer continued. “The vice president is here making history. We want to know what she thinks of the colony. Long live Free Palestine and Haiti, too.”

Harris traveled to Puerto Rico to boast about Washington’s aid to the island territory after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. She told those present that the Biden White House has poured more than $140 billion into relief efforts.

The 2017 hurricane destroyed much of the island and killed nearly 3,000 residents.

An American flag was burned in protest of the vice president’s visit, which was intended to strengthen the administration’s standing with the pivotal Hispanic voting block. Puerto Rico, however, does not participate in the Electoral College.

Other demonstrators held signs calling Harris a war criminal over the White House’s support of Israel’s war on Hamas terrorists. Leftists on the island as well as in the U.S. ignore the Oct. 7 massacre that killed 1,200 Israelis and led to hundreds more being taken captive.

Harris has taken the initiative recently in Biden’s reelection bid. She made frequent appearances on college campuses declaring her unwavering support for abortion and other extreme causes.