Gov. Noem Offers To Personally Help Send Razor Wire To Texas

It’s beginning to seem eerily like allies are choosing sides and forming alliances prior to impending war. Twenty-five states — all with GOP governors — have voiced their support for Texas in its efforts to stop illegal immigration via its border with Mexico. GOP South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has made her position clear in a Fox News interview: “If Greg Abbott needs more razor wire, I’ll load it into a pickup, myself!”

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has made their stance clear: take down the razor wire and allow Federal access by next Thursday — or else. It’s not yet entirely clear what the “or else” might entail. White House spokespeople have been silent on the possibility of nationalizing the Texas National Guard. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton indicated that Texas has no plans to comply with the deadline.

Gov. Noem pointed out that Governors are Commanders in Chief of their state’s National Guard troops. She remarked that this Constitutional authority is an important responsibility that she does not take lightly. She also stated that the Federal agents involved resent being told by the President to stand down, and they know that failing to defend this nation’s border is morally wrong.

Noem warned that America will look like Europe in 1-2 years if mass illegal immigration continues. Many European nations are losing their cultural identities and are overrun with crime. Attacks on women are a particular problem. Major European cities have “no-go zones” where police do not even enter. These are dominated by immigrants from Muslim countries.

Fox News host Martha MacCallum added that illegal drugs, such as the deadly Fentanyl, are flowing across the southern border into many other distant states.
Governor Noem summarized by asserting that “It’s important we stand shoulder to shoulder now and protect the future of this country.”

Biden has pointed out the difficulties in obtaining adequate funding for border security, yet Ukraine continues to receive billions of dollars in U.S. funding each month.

It has been remarked that the real reason for Biden’s refusal to provide border security — or allow Texas to do so — is an insidious one. A strategy of repopulating the United States with literally millions of Democratic voters would alter its culture and ensure that the Democrats stay in power for years to come.