Gov. Hobbs’ Tough Immigration Talk Belies Her Earlier Stance

As the dire consequences of President Joe Biden’s lax immigration policy become apparent in communities across the United States, a growing number of Democratic officials are starting to change their tune on the topic of border security.

One recent example of this shifting message came from Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs, who seemed to take a page out of Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s playbook by authorizing the deployment of state National Guard troops to aid law enforcement efforts on the border.

“Yet again, the federal government is refusing to do its job to secure our border and keep our communities safe,” she asserted in a statement earlier this month. “With this Executive Order, I am taking action where the federal government won’t. But we can’t stand alone.

Arizona needs resources and manpower to reopen the Lukevill crossing, manage the flow of migrants, and maintain a secure, orderly and humane border.”

Hobbs echoed her tough talk in a social media post touting her executive action.

A cursory review of her prior positions, however, reveals that she has largely aligned herself with the open-border wing of the Democratic Party throughout much of her public career.

She opted to veto a GOP-sponsored bill in June that aimed to make it a crime for individuals to use electronic devices in the pursuit of smuggling immigrants across the border.

Hobbs claimed that the proposal was “yet another attempt by the majority to criminalize organizations and individuals who aim to support immigrants and refugees.”

As a state senator, she opposed the Border Strike Force three years in a row beginning in 2016. The Department of Public Safety-backed group was tasked with reducing drug-related crime along the Arizona-Mexico border.

The governor also rejected her predecessor’s effort to secure particularly vulnerable sections of the border with a wall made of giant shipping containers.

“It’s a political stunt,” she said as a gubernatorial candidate last year. “It’s a visual barrier that is not actually providing an effective barrier to entry, and I think it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars.”

Her stance on the topic was in lockstep with the Biden administration’s portrayal of Republican then-Gov. Doug Ducey’s border security measure as a “shameful” partisan ploy.