Fani Willis Complains Of Racism At Georgia Church

Fulton County, Georgia’s District Attorney Fani Willis (D) broke her silence on Sunday regarding the allegations of her having an inappropriate relationship with her prosecutor, Nathan Wade.

In a speech over a half-hour long, Willis had a lot to say. However, instead of addressing the allegations of an affair, she did what the left does well: she played the race card. Willis decided to give her sob story at the Big Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in front of the predominately Black congregation of all places.

“I’m a little confused,” she said. “I appointed three special counselors. It’s my right to do, paid them all the same hourly rate. They only attack one. I hired one white woman, a good personal friend and a great lawyer, a superstar, I tell you. I hired one white man — brilliant — my friend and a great lawyer. And I hired one Black man, another superstar, a great friend and a great lawyer.”

While focusing her speech on the “Black man,” Willis refused to mention Wade by name, but it was clear who she was referring to. According to Willis, the only reason people were calling Wade out was because of his race, not his qualifications.

As she spoke, she kept referencing God as if she were seeking His wisdom and not attempting to receive sympathy from the congregation.

“God, isn’t it them who’s playing the race card when they only question one?” she said. “They’re playing the race card when they constantly think I need someone from some other jurisdiction in some other state to tell me how to do a job I’ve [done] almost 30 years.”

Since she has almost 30 years of experience, Willis should have been aware that she broke protocol when hiring Wade. County protocol stated that Willis needed to get approval prior to hiring Wade, which she failed to do.

“I’m just asking, God, is it that some will never see a Black man as qualified, no matter his achievements?” she said.

According to his firm’s website, Wade & Campbell, his main areas of focus include personal injury cases, contract litigation, family and domestic law and criminal defense. Wade’s own website shows that he does not have the credentials needed to prosecute the case.

Willis also claimed that she has been treated “cruelly” since taking the Trump case and has felt isolated, having to leave her home. If that’s how she truly feels, she now knows how the former president feels.

Of all things, what Willis failed to do in her victim speech was deny the alleged affair. One of the co-defendants that she is prosecuting along with Trump, Mike Roman, is the one who accused Willis and Wade of having an “improper” relationship. Usually, when allegations are made the innocent party is quick to deny.

Willis’ actions and words are ironic given that she gave the speech the day before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a day that is supposed to celebrate a man who fought for equality and did not want his skin color to be the first thing people saw.

Maybe Willis should have spoken about the content of her and Wade’s characters instead of trying to turn the allegations into a race issue.