Families Of Israeli Hostages Criticize Biden’s Stance On Hamas

The Tikva Forum for Families of Hostages, representing families of Israelis abducted during the October 7 Hamas attack, has publicly urged President Joe Biden to stop interfering with Israel’s military campaign against Hamas. This plea follows Biden’s recent comments and proposals that the forum claims misrepresent Israel’s position and endanger its security.

In a recent press conference, Biden suggested that Israel had offered a “comprehensive new proposal,” which included measures Israel denies ever agreeing to. He criticized Israel for seeking “total victory” over Hamas, arguing that such an approach wouldn’t guarantee long-term security.

Hamas, responsible for the massacre that killed 1,200 people, welcomed Biden’s remarks. This response has heightened concerns among the families of hostages, who view Biden’s stance as undermining Israel’s efforts to defeat the terrorist group.

“The Biden administration’s continued pressure on the Israeli government’s decision-making during this existential war is unacceptable,” the Tikva Forum stated. They emphasized the importance of trusting Israeli leadership, given their experience and knowledge of the region.

The forum firmly believes that Hamas must be entirely dismantled to prevent further atrocities. They argue that any sign of weakness could encourage future attacks. “The abductees will only be returned if Hamas is totally dismantled and begs for help,” the group declared.

Biden’s plan also proposed allowing Gazans to return to the northern Gaza Strip before all hostages are released. The Tikva Forum contends that this would eliminate a critical leverage point for Israel, potentially jeopardizing the hostages’ lives. “Please, Honorable @POTUS, respect the decisions made by Israel’s elected leadership and stand by us as a true ally in this difficult time,” they implored.

The Biden administration’s publication of a graphic outlining the proposed plan sparked further controversy. Israel quickly rejected the plan, clarifying that its own proposal allows for the continuation of the war until all objectives, including the destruction of Hamas’s military and governing capabilities, are achieved.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office reiterated Israel’s unwavering conditions for ending the conflict: the dismantling of Hamas’s military and governing structures, the release of all hostages, and ensuring Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel. “The notion that Israel will agree to a permanent ceasefire before these conditions are fulfilled is a non-starter,” Netanyahu’s office stated.