Facebook Deploys ‘Fact-Checkers’ To Defend FBI’s ‘Deadly Force’ Authorization In Trump Raid

Facebook has begun using “independent fact-checkers” to counter media reports critical of the FBI’s decision to authorize the use of “deadly force” during the 2022 raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Unsealed court documents revealed that the FBI gave agents the green light to use lethal force against Trump “when necessary” during the raid which was approved by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The Big Tech platform applied a “missing context” label to The Federalist’s report on the FBI’s actions warning users that their posts might be demoted in the News Feed if they repeatedly share “false information.” Facebook linked to an AFP Fact Check article that claims allegations of the FBI authorizing harm against Trump are “false” and misrepresent the Justice Department’s standard policies on the use of force during law enforcement operations.

Critics argue that there is nothing “standard” about raiding a former president’s home with deadly force over a records dispute. The DOJ declined to issue similar orders when retrieving classified materials from President Joe Biden’s private residence; instead, opting not to charge him due to his poor memory and advanced age.

Meanwhile, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s case against Trump for his handling of classified documents is temporarily stalled after his team admitted to evidence tampering. The contrasting treatment of the two presidents has raised serious questions and doubts about the impartiality and motivations of federal law enforcement agencies.