EU Investigates Musk, X Over Possible Violations Of Social Media Laws

The European Union (EU) has announced an investigation into X, formerly known as Twitter, claiming that the social media platform had violated laws designed to crack down on free speech.

This investigation will be the first of its kind under new regulations passed by the EU, a 27-nation European bloc.

European Commissioner Thierry Breton announced the news in a statement, writing: “Today we open formal infringement proceedings against @X” through the Digital Services Act.

The EU previously demanded that X hand over information about any efforts to suppress free speech in October — citing a need to combat so-called “hate speech,” “misinformation” and violence, especially terrorist-related violence amid the Israel-Hamas war.

According to European Commission spokesman Johannes Bahrke, the EU’s executive branch is now going to “investigate X’s systems and policies related to certain suspected infringements.”

X has issued a statement in response to the investigation, emphasizing that the social media platform is “committed to complying with the Digital Services Act, and is cooperating with the regulatory process. It is important that this process remains free of political influence and follows the law.”

“X is focused on creating a safe and inclusive environment for all users on our platform, while protecting freedom of expression, and we will continue to work tirelessly towards this goal,” the social media company’s statement continued.

X owner Elon Musk has also pushed back on the EU’s investigation, issuing a public statement in response to Breton’s statement, where he asked whether the EU would be “taking action against other social media.”

“Because if you have those issues with this platform, and none are perfect, the others are much worse,” Musk added.

This is just the latest attack on Musk and X in a long line of dubious investigations and lawsuits from various government entities, which many have argued are just an attempt to coerce Musk into cracking down on free speech like the platform’s previous owners.

Under then-Twitter’s previous leadership, it was confirmed in the “Twitter Files” that the company was colluding with the federal government and numerous left-leaning entities and individuals to suppress speech that was contrary to the establishment narrative. Since Musk took over, the platform has moved much closer to total freedom of speech and has ceased its collusion and censorship efforts — which has led to numerous investigations from the U.S. government.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr recently called out the Biden administration over their efforts to target Musk in a post on X.

“President Biden stood at a White House podium & stated that Elon Musk ‘is worth being looked at.’ When asked ‘How?’, President Biden responded ‘There’s a lot of ways.’ There certainly are. The DOJ, FAA, FTC, NLRB, SDNY, & FWS have all taken action. The FCC now joins them,” Carr wrote, adding: “The FCC’s recent decision – like many of the other actions being taken by federal agencies against Musk – fits the Biden Administration’s pattern of regulatory harassment. It is a decision that cannot be explained by an objective application of law, facts, or policy.”