Embattled New Jersey Mall ‘Strictly’ Enforcing Chaperone Policy

A major New Jersey shopping attraction has had enough of bands of teenagers roaming wild and intimidating legitimate shoppers. Deptford Mall management announced they will adhere to strict enforcement of a policy requiring an adult chaperone for all kids and teens on weekends.

The accompanying adults must be 25 or older and be present from Friday evening through Sunday night.

Mall officials declared the adults will be held responsible for the actions of the minors. The “Parental Escort Policy” is not new but had not been strictly enforced until now.

The Deptford Township Police Department released an announcement declaring all guests should have an “enjoyable experience.” However, “We reserve the right to limit groups larger than four persons when not accompanied by an individual 25 or older.”

The statement further explained the chaperone requirement that will now be enforced all weekend.

Proof of age will be required for both minors and their chaperones.

Disruptive behavior is blamed for the stringent enforcement of the policy, and this is a trend showing up at several shopping meccas across the country.
New Jersey resident Tina Castelli is a worker at the mall. She told NBC10 Philadelphia that the marauding young people come to the facility in groups.

She noted, “They’re either fighting with each other or they’re just vandalizing. Like they’re running wild and they’re making parents scared. Elderly people are scared. Young kids are scared they’re going to be jumped by these kids.”

Actions to limit unaccompanied young people ruining the shopping experiences of their elders are not only taking place in shopping malls.

Fox News reported that a Chick-fil-A in Pennsylvania similarly had to crack down last year after what were described as “children and teenagers” causing major issues.

The outlet further noted that a Wisconsin Taco John’s established a new policy last month to prohibit “unsupervised minors” from its business.

What these businesses know is they are already in a life-and-death struggle with online retail outlets. If their customers do not feel safe and are not able to enjoy their shopping experience, it is unlikely that they will complain loudly or march in protest.

Instead, they will simply go online, complete their purchase in the comfort of their own home and wait for their goods to be delivered to the front door.