Disney Adults Are Finally Getting A Wake-Up Call

Either Disney’s carefully maintained empire of adult fans is paying off, but it’s about to collapse.

Jake Williams, A former Disney superfan, claims that the company is becoming “anti-consumer,” citing the extreme rise in prices at its theme parks.

In a recent video, the travel Youtuber took a trip to Disney World, and added up all of his expenses for a day, keeping track of the staggering differences between the park’s pricing compared to its prices in 2017.

After adding up all the costs associated with a mid-range stay at the park, including many features which were previously complimentary, he found that the price of a trip to Disney World has increased by 44%, since 2017, with inflation only accounting for 24% in the same period.

Later in the video, Williams calculated the price for a family of three, visiting for six days and visiting the park for four of them. The total for a mid-range vacation was around $4000.

At such an outrageous price, consumers could be getting far more for their money. Williams points to similarly priced trips to France or Bali in his video, even observing that a week-long Disney cruise would be cheaper than his proposed trip for a family of three.

“It’s frustrating to see Disney make something that used to be free generate tens of millions from it and give no extra value in the parks,” Williams said. “I can’t help but think that nobody seems to care if Disney is just staggeringly more expensive than it used to be, all while removing perks that used to be free.”

The parks aren’t the only place where this behavior is alienating consumers, though. Disney’s price hikes on their streaming service, Disney+, lost them 1.3 million subscribers in the final quarter of 2023.


Of course, Williams’ video points out that the parks are still as crowded as ever, and Disney’s stock is climbing back up after taking a big hit from Disney+ losses. Casual Disney fans may begin to turn away from the company amid price hikes, but it’s possible they’re banking on childless adults and superfans to keep paying higher and higher prices.