Democrats Adopts Tougher Crime Rhetoric Ahead Of 2024 Election

Leftist politicians and prosecutors have been pushing for a more lenient approach to crime for years, particularly amid nationwide protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death in 2020. As detailed in various reports, the result has been a marked increase in criminal activity in Democratic-led cities and states.

With the 2024 election season heating up, polls find that the Republican Party’s comparatively tough-on-crime agenda is resonating with many American voters. In addition to nearly two-thirds of Republicans, more than half of Democrats reported that violent crime is a major problem in a Pew Research Center poll conducted earlier this year.

“Thanks to Democrats’ obsession with defunding the police, horrendous crimes like rape, robbery and felony assault are on the rise in New York,” explained National Republican Congressional Committee spokesperson Savannah Viar. “As long as Democrats continue to put the lives of Americans at risk, Republicans will remind them of their extreme policies at every turn.”

According to the Washington Examiner, that message appears to be getting through to many Democrats facing an uncertain path to re-election next year, as evidenced by their shifting message on the topic of crime.

Nearly three dozen Senate Democrats voted with Republicans earlier this year to strike down a controversial D.C. crime bill aimed at significantly reducing the penalties for a host of serious crimes.

President Joe Biden, whose approval rating has been in the tank due in part to his administration’s perceived weakness on the issue, opted not to veto the GOP-backed measure.

Long-time Democratic Party operative James Carville said Biden’s move was helpful for the party, but indicated that it was just one step toward rebuilding the trust that was lost by the leftist embrace of permissive criminal justice reform measures.

“It shows you the power this issue has become,” he said, referencing the decisions by voters in multiple deep-blue districts to get rid of particularly progressive prosecutors.

“Look what happened in Chicago,” Carville added. “Look what happened in San Francisco. Everywhere you turn around.”

Other Democratic Party insiders have expressed a similar assessment.

For his part, former Obama administration adviser David Axelrod concluded: “There’s a deep anxiety about public safety — and Democrats or anyone running for public office needs to be able to speak to that.”