Democrat Senator Derails Bill To Detain Violent Illegal Immigrants

A Democrat senator has single-handedly derailed a bill to help protect U.S. citizens by requiring Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to detain illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) proposed unanimous consent from those present to bring what she calls “Sarah’s Law” to the floor for a vote and gave an impassioned speech to pass the bill as she reminded her peers of the deaths of Laken Riley and Sarah Root at the hands of illegal immigrants.

It was long-time Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) who blocked the request through his objection. His excuse was that passage of the bill into law would cause victims of trafficking or abuse to be detained and thereby deny them due process.

For the record, due process is a right and privilege guaranteed to American citizens, not illegal aliens. Furthermore, it is unclear how exactly merely being detained by law enforcement would deny a person fair treatment.

This is not the first time Sarah’s Law has failed to pass. Sarah Root’s family has been fighting for immigration reform for the past 8 years, and Sen. Ernst has introduced the bill 7 times since her tragic passing.

The United States is facing wave after wave of illegal immigrants pouring into the country from the southern border. The flood of foreign nationals numbers in the millions each year. As there is no law or order, there is also no vetting process and criminals freely enter the country.

As a direct result, law-abiding citizens pay the price in the loss of jobs and the disenfranchisement of fair elections, as states are awarded congressional representatives in proportion to all of the people residing in them — citizen or not.

It is no secret that this works in favor of the Democrats as they gain seats in the House and votes in the Electoral College based on a population of people who are not even American — and thereby effectively ineligible to be represented in government.

While every day Americans pay the price of this political corruption, some pay the ultimate price with their lives. Laken Riley was the victim of an illegal immigrant on a college campus in Georgia in early February. Likewise, Sarah Root is just one of many around the country who have been killed by illegal immigrants driving while drunk.

It is objectively clear that these deaths are a direct result of President Biden’s open border policy. If illegal immigrants were both speedily deported and barred from entry, there is a high likelihood that Riley, Root and so many others would be alive today.