Democrat Marianne Williamson Unsuspends Her Campaign For President

Spiritual author and activist Marianne Williamson unsuspended her campaign for president on Wednesday, not long after originally announcing its suspension just a few weeks ago.

This is Williamson’s second campaign for president. She is running as a Democrat.

Williamson says she is returning to the race because of President Biden’s vulnerabilities as the Democrat candidate against Donald Trump. Although Biden has always been criticized for the symptoms of his old age, he has come under increasing fire as of late from even traditionally left-wing news outlets. As the criticism has ramped up, there is growing chatter on the Democrat side questioning his fitness to run for a second presidential term.

Claiming that simply losing the horse race was her reason for originally ending her campaign, Williamson now says that she is renewing her campaign because “something so much more important than the horse race is at stake here, and we must respond.”

Although victory is a long shot for her campaign, her statement seems to convey a concern that is about something other than simply winning the race.

It is not unheard of for politicians to run for office simply to gain recognition and spread a message, knowing full well that they will not actually win their campaigns.

Speaking of her message, Williamson addressed the need to counter the “dark, dark vision” of Donald Trump’s potential second term. Calling him a “fascist,” Williamson also criticized Biden for the faltering economy and millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck and unable to afford good healthcare.

She then launched into the linchpins of her agenda, outlining plans for tuition-free college, guaranteed housing for all, ending the war on drugs and reparations for slavery.

Born to a Jewish family in 1952, Williamson found her path in life pursuing spiritual callings, authored 14 books and became a public speaker and activist. Her visibility as a spiritual life coach skyrocketed as she became a regular guest on Oprah Winfrey’s television show and even became known as her de facto spiritual advisor. Williamson has been on numerous non-profit political boards and was the head of a Unity Church in Michigan before she decided to begin her political career.

Although she has run for Congress and for president, she has never held political office.