Chiefs Star Says Parade Violence Due To Absent Fathers

Kansas City Chiefs star kicker Harrison Butker rejected rhetoric blaming guns for the terrifying shooting that sent fans scrambling for cover at the team’s recent Super Bowl parade. The fault lies, he said, with fathers being absent in their children’s homes and lives.

The staunchly Catholic player was interviewed on “EWTN News In Depth.” The lack of strong fathers in kids’ lives, he explained, led to increasing violence across the nation.

The absence of parenting is spilling out into street violence manifest through young men and even young women.

Butker asserted, “I know gun violence was a big discussion, but at the end of the day, this is degenerate violence and it should not be occurring. I think we need strong fathers in the home.”

He continued by declaring that strong men need to lead and set good examples for young people. They need to instruct their children “that violence is not the way to handle our disputes.”

Addressing the terrifying parade shooting, Butker called it an “unfortunate” incident. “Many, many children were injured. A beautiful young lady was killed over someone getting offended and turning to violence to handle that dispute.”

And then he rejected the mainstream media narrative that guns are to blame — not the violent criminals themselves. The Chiefs standout reiterated that it will take fathers setting good examples in the home to stem the tide.

It should have been a day of celebration in Kansas City’s most recent Super Bowl parade. Hundreds of thousands poured into the streets to mark the team’s second consecutive championship only to be forced to run for cover.

A dispute between two groups led to multiple individuals brandishing weapons and then opening fire.

Tragically, popular young disc jockey Lisa Lopez-Galvan was killed and several victims, including multiple kids, were caught in the crossfire between the warring parties.

Two juveniles were arrested in the aftermath of the shocking scene, and three men now face federal gun charges. And even in the confusion following the violent outbreak, many on the left quickly called for yet more gun control while ignoring the root cause of the incident.

For Butker, now a three-time Super Bowl champion, there is no confusion.