Chances Of Republicans Winning Senate Majority Rising

Republicans’ chances of winning a majority in the U.S. Senate in 2024 are rising due to an expanded battlefield, limited internal fights and a set of strong candidates, according to The Hill.

The shift is in contrast to two years ago when infighting between MAGA Republicans and the GOP establishment produced midterm candidates who underperformed.

Maryland and Montana are the latest prospects for tipping the scales in favor of Republicans. West Virginia is also in play, according to Newsmax.

Political science professor at Iowa State University Dave Peterson told The Hill, “This is a good map for Republicans. There’s a long way to go, and a lot of other primaries out there that could hurt them. But I think this is a good year for them.”

Democrats currently hold a 51-49 edge in the Senate and have to defend 23 seats in 2024, including Montana, West Virginia and Ohio which are traditionally red states, according to Newsmax.

In Maryland — a blue state — Republicans recruited the popular former GOP Gov. Larry Hogan to flip the seat.

The GOP persuaded Rep. Matt Rosendale to drop out of the Republican primary in Montana to make way for conservative Tim Sheehy who is preferred by Sen. Steve Daines (R – MT), the chair of the Senate Republican campaign team.

In West Virginia, Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin will not seek another term. This all but secures the seat for the GOP, according to The Hill.

Republican strategist Ford O’Connell said the GOP has a “really good map” to take the Senate but they will “have to take advantage of” it.

West Virginia GOP Gov. Jim Justice is after Manchin’s seat and Republicans believe he will win it. If the Republicans can beat Montana’s Democrat Sen. Jon Tester or Sen. Ohio’s Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown, they will hold a majority, The Hill reported.

Democrats are also defending Senate races in Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Republicans are only defending two seats: Sen. Rick Scott in Florida and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

An unnamed Republican operative told The Hill, “You already have a pretty clear path to 50. What you’re focused on now is adding additional seats for when it comes time to move legislation through the Senate.”

“Senate Republicans have to still run through the tape and add at least one more seat to guarantee themselves a majority regardless of the presidential outcome,” the source added, “and some of the recent developments bolster their hopes at doing just that.”

If the Republicans can win the Senate majority, maintain the majority in the House and win the presidency, they could undo a lot of the damage done by the disastrous Biden administration.

Conservatives of all shades must get out and vote to accomplish the mission.