Boston Startup ArkeaBio Secures $26.5 Million To Develop Vaccine Targeting Cow Emissions

In a bid to curb greenhouse gas emissions from livestock a Boston-based startup ArkeaBio has raised $26.5 million in venture capital funding to develop a vaccine aimed at reducing methane produced by cows. The Series A funding round was led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures an investment fund founded by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

While the idea of addressing cow farts and burps may seem like a political punchline, “experts” estimate that these emissions account for over 5% of global greenhouse gases.

ArkeaBio believes that vaccines could provide a cost-effective and scalable solution to this “problem,” particularly as global food demand continues to rise.

The startup had previously raised $12 million in a seed round also led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

Other investors in the Series A round include Grantham Foundation AgriZeroNZ Rabo Ventures Overview Capital and The51 Food & AgTech Fund.

The concept of vaccinating animals to reduce their environmental impact may seem dystopian to some observers. But in this case, dystopian doesn’t quite cover how unsettling the new reality is becoming.