Biden’s Opponent In American Samoa Used AI, Campaigned Virtually

President Joe Biden became the first incumbent since then-President Jimmy Carter to be defeated in a primary. Biden lost the American Samoa caucus to a virtually known Democratic candidate, who mostly campaigned virtually.

In the caucus, 52-year-old Jason Palmer routed the president, having received just 11 more votes on Super Tuesday. He credited artificial intelligence (AI) for his narrow victory.

While speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Palmer said he defeated Biden because of his skills with technology.

“I believe I won in part because I’m very adept at technology,” the 52-year-old told the outlet.

Palmer, who is from Maryland, didn’t even travel to American Samoa during his campaign, instead using an AI program that answered voters’ questions about his policies and experience by text message and email, according to the New York Post.

The 52-year-old established a website with an AI-powered avatar, PalmerAI. The program was designed to look like the presidential hopeful, speak like him and answer questions as he would.

Palmer also conducted virtual town hall events, having appeared by video call and speaking with voters over the phone.

“I do think the people feel like I’ve been there because I did these virtual meetings, and I engaged with them using AI,” Palmer said.

The 52-year-old also elaborated on his AI programs when remotely interacting with voters.

PalmerAI reportedly cost the Maryland native approximately $25,000 to create, according to the Wall Street Journal. The program reportedly played a massive role in delivering Palmer’s victory over Biden in the American Samoa caucus.

“If I had millions of dollars to market to Colorado or Vermont, who knows I might have been more competitive in those states,” Palmer told the outlet.

The New York Post pointed out that Palmer has invested $500,000 into his campaign and has portrayed himself as a presidential contender familiar with the issues of the 21st century compared to Biden.

Following his victory in the American Samoa caucus, Palmer earned three delegates from the island of just 50,000 residents. Despite this, U.S. territories are not represented in the electoral college.

Palmer reportedly used a studio to read from multiple of his speeches when teaching the AI program to learn his diction.