Biden Challenger Predicts Incumbent ‘Is Going To Get Creamed’

Longshot presidential hopeful Dean Phillips (D-MN) told CNN on Monday that incumbent President Joe Biden will get “creamed” in the presidential race.

The candidate further charged that Democrats are “deluded” if they do not see the reality of this outcome. This prediction, Phillips explained to host Jake Tapper, was realized when he talked to a throng of people recently at a Trump rally.

Phillips described the attendees in line as “friendly, hospitable [and] thoughtful.” He explained that some said they previously supported Barack Obama or Bernie Sanders and had never attended a Trump event.

These are ordinary Americans who see the disastrous course Biden set the nation on and are determined to right the ship. Phillips acknowledged that “Donald Trump is on a big mission to win,” which will spell doom for the incumbent and his Democratic Party.

The candidate said his colleagues “are deluded into a nightmare.”

Phillips launched his unlikely campaign in October and has sharply criticized his party for keeping his name off upcoming primary ballots. His efforts focused on New Hampshire, where Biden does not appear on the state’s primary ballots as they are not sanctioned by Democrats.

Biden’s supporters in the state began a campaign to write-in the president’s name.

One of the wealthiest members of Congress, Phillips poured $5 million of his own resources into the race. He told Fox News Digital that the sum was “a lot more than I intended.”

The Democrat said that grassroots supporters are springing up and the investment may soon pay off. As for expectations, Phillips believes if his New Hampshire tally reaches 20%, it “would be an extraordinary accomplishment.”

The latest survey from the University of New Hampshire/CNN poll placed him at 10%, a point ahead of spiritual advisor Marianne Williamson.

Results showed 63% of those surveyed said they would write in Biden’s name. That number, Phillips noted, is far below marks set by previous sitting Democratic presidents.

According to the candidate, Bill Clinton drew 84% and Barack Obama 81%. A showing in the 50s would demonstrate the weakness of the incumbent.

Phillips explained, “I think that’s really the story here. I believe he’s unelectable. Polls are showing he’s unelectable. Now I think voters will show that he’s unelectable.”