Arizona’s Democratic Governor Sending National Guard To Border

It takes a lot to get a Democrat upset with President Joe Biden’s open border disaster, but another has jumped onto the bandwagon. Following the footsteps of New York City’s embattled Mayor Eric Adams, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs will deploy the National Guard to do Washington’s job.

On Friday, she signed an executive order sending Guard troops to the border with Mexico to support law enforcement.

Hobbs blasted her party’s leaders in a press release. “Yet again, the federal government is refusing to do its job to secure our border and keep our communities safe. With this Executive Order, I am taking action where the federal government won’t.”

The Democrat said that Arizona has repeatedly implored the Biden administration for assistance with the deluge of illegal migrants.

However, their requests to the White House fell on deaf ears.

Arizona’s Tucson Sector is now the epicenter for administration ineptitude. Earlier in December, the area set a record for weekly encounters as law enforcement dealt with a staggering 17,500 illegal migrants.

More than 700 crossed into U.S. territory in just a single day.

Government officials closed the Lukeville border crossing as part of a reassignment of resources. This and other actions led to harsh criticism from both sides of the aisle over the failure to address critical concerns.

The Biden administration blames a crisis encompassing the hemisphere and the lack of Democrat-approved immigration reform.

But this notably was not an issue when former President Trump occupied the White House. He established a no-nonsense blueprint for turning away illegal migrants that placed national security first.

Not so with the current occupant. His priorities include requesting billions for “shelter and service” of illegals as part of a welcome mat for all. Republicans countered with demands for stronger border enforcement and greater restrictions on the current “catch and release” DHS policies.

And the crisis reached the point where Democrats can no longer abide with the lack of leadership.

There is a deafening lack of the usual cries of “xenophobia” and “racism” that are hurled when a Republican such as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott takes action. Even a staunch liberal like Hobbs must answer to her state’s voters, and they have obviously had enough.