AI Editing Images Of Individuals To Appear Modest

A new artificial intelligence (AI) software that generates images on social media recently began adding clothing to pictures of women lacking clothing while removing tattoos from men and creating images of celebrities, making them appear more modest.

The AI-generated image trend is known as “#DignifAI” and has spread across social media, first appearing on the website 4chan, according to Breitbart News.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, conservative commentator Jack Posobiec shared an image of a woman in a bathing suit. The picture was later edited by AI-generated software, which added clothing to the woman and inserted a child in her arms, making her appear decent.

Responding to the image, an individual on the 4chan website wrote, “Something about this image is really deep. It’s like a visual synthesis of all that has been lost — a meme in the truest, original sense of the word.”

“I feel like if it evokes such a feeling in me then that effect must be multiplied manyfold for the target audience, and I suspect that is why it is getting such a visceral reaction,” the user added. “Though it’s a cliche, a picture really does sometimes say a thousand words.”

The AI edit shared by Posobiec is just one of many that have been shared on X.

Responding to an image that was edited to remove a woman’s tattoos along with adding more clothing and a child in her arms, one user on X wrote, “Hell is seeing the person you could have been.”

AI also edited pictures of celebrities, with singer Miley Cyrus having her outfit from a recent appearance at the Grammy Awards edited to appear decent.

Like Cyrus, actor Elliot Page, who identifies as “transgender,” was edited in AI images, where he appeared as his biological gender.

Women were not the only individuals to be affected by AI. Men, too, were seen edited in various images by the technology.

Rapper Post Malone had his tattoos removed in images by AI and was seen wearing more conventional attire.